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Clearing the clutter from your life

Whilst watching a TV program the other day about a family living in Africa, I was tempted to automatically put on my cynical and Western eyes onto the poverty and lack of anything that they seemed to have.

Food was scarce, water was precious and had to be fetched in a container daily from over 2 km’s away. “Shame..” I thought. But I did notice one thing that kept me thinking about who has the issue… Continue reading Clearing the clutter from your life

Life: Detoxed

Life is meant to be joyful, easy and full of experiences.. but we surround ourselves with barriers (what did you think when you looked at the picture ?)

We carry preconceptions of whats right and wrong, opinions and beliefs that cloud our minds. We eat too much or cycle through good and bad ( and what is bad?)  that affects our health – our body. We allow doubt and loneliness and sadness into our lives that affect our spirit.

The word detoxify – normally is associated with food and it is a pattern we sometimes follow to ‘Restart ourselves’. A true refresh is one that works on more than just the body – but also your mind and spirit.

Detox your Mind: 

  • Clear the doing clutter from your life, get organised – physically and mentally.
  • Get rid of bad habits, stop heavy thinking, have good thoughts and be clear
  • Be truthful to yourself and find clarity

Detox your Body: 

  • Clear the eating clutter from your life, get organised – physically and mentally.
  • Get rid of bad habits, stop heavy eating/drinking, have good nourishment and be clear about the body you want
  • Be truthful to yourself and find Health

Detox your Spirit: 

  • Clear the clutter from your life, get purposeful and connected.
  • Get rid of bad habits, stop feeling down or disconnected, instead get connected, rested and be clear about who you really are.
  • Be truthful to yourself and find Purpose

Who is the site for?

Anyone who feels slightly dissatisfied with where they are in life, maybe weight or health issues, maybe money or motivation, or even just dis-organised…

There are a myriad of self help books and site out in this wonderful world of information and I am sure that this is another one of them – but I aim to be different.


By being just like you…..  I also struggle with things and am not always doing stuff right….

but here is the kicker –

I have spent my whole life working on so many methods – including psychology, NLP, Hypnosis, corporate tactics, Toastmasters, volunteering, religion, meditation, yoga, dance, hedonism, vegetarianism, parenthood, travel and lets not forget the good old fashioned ‘give it a go’ method

What have I learnt?

That there is not one ‘super method’  – it takes a combination of some simple techniques and an open mind – all gleaned from all the methods.

I am getting it right and now is the time to consolidate all I have learnt….

So what can you expect?

The ideas of where this can go are immense! Some of the titles include:

  • Detox your life program (Living Health) – 10 day challenge to reset your body, mind and habits to be healthy, eat well and lose what needs to be lost
  • Step-up: Into sports or simply competitive by nature ? change your mind and step up your game
  • Getting organised with stuff in the inbox: How to file and work with the mountain of stuff that comes up at us each day
  • Being Present: We all want things and look outside for things that matter – we sometimes need to notice whats already there
  • Habit change: Ridding yourself of annoying and sometimes damaging habits that no longer serve.
  • Where to start?: A morning routine to set you on fire for the day and ensure stuff gets done..

Who am I ? 

I was about to note how under-qualified I am to be writing this – but I will let you be the judge. Check out my bio or even just read on…

What I expect from you

Apply the learnings…

Give yourself  (and me) – open and honest feedback, communication and support where needed.

Take from this what works and give back what doesn’t.

Challenge yourself to change

Hold yourself to a higher standard – step up and live a life worth calling it a life.