Head: Present

Sub-Head: Travel, learn, love, experience, give back, give thanks & keep on doing so…..

What I do: I try to create freedom and value for people who are looking to improve direction & purpose – to live healthier lives.

How I do it:  Information provider, speaker, life-coach, NLP Master practitioner & Performance Consultant with over 20 years experience in Senior Sales, Marketing & Management roles. Providing coaching & counseling with real-world practical exercises to improve life and boost performance!

Current projects: – coaching and counseling allowing life to be easy. – an NLP site with processes & resources for the practitioner

Qualifications: Bsc Psychology/ Computer Science, Master NLP Practitioner, Business coach, HypnoTherapist, Certified Lifeline Mentor volunteer, Toastmaster (CC) and a whole lot of other pieces of paper…. 🙂

My Tags: NLP, hypnosis, lifecoaching, public speaker, volunteer, adventurist, mindpower, present, vegetarian, meditation