Daily Ritual & Goals

So in order to really get what you want in life – it is important to know what it is you want and to setup a practice to achieve it.

Habits – good ones – are essential to ensuring consistent effort and eventually replace old ones.

This is my routine and some sample goals extracted

Waking up each day

  • exercise (10+min of breathing, stretching and Moving!)
  • Meditate (2 min)
  • Visualise and Be grateful for all that i am, have, done and do
    • me
    • people around me
    • experiences
  • Visualise and step into my goals(see goals below)
  • Review and plan
    • Write in my journal and review what i did
    • Review my to do list & diary
    • Review goals and identify anything i can do as a next action
  • Take some action!

GOALS: To end June 2012


  • Weight: Stand on scale in morning and see 80kg’s
  • Fitness: Run 3k in 15min
  • Flexible: Touch Toes, Bridge pose at Yoga
  • Food: Spinach Smoothie – 4 times a week
  • Food habits: Reduce size of meals and eat slowly. No bad snacks between meals
  • Fluids: Limit to max 2 coffee p day and drink 8 l water
  • Illness: Awareness of allergy and what brings it on


  • Family: Contact all my family members at least once this month
  • Partner: Setup magical time with partner (amazing date/picnic etc)
  • Friends: Organise a bi-monthly “give-it-a-go” sporting session
  • Self: Relationship with self – meditate 5 times this month
  • The Universe: Give thanks and write in a gratitude journal


  • Do 10 volunteer hours per month at Youthline
  • Do one free support session per month


  • Credit card paid off
  • Holiday booked and paid for